Bibliotherapy by Delia O’Riordan

Rewire Your Brain For Love

Rewire Your Brain For Love

Rewire Your Brain For Love Delia’s rating: ✪✪✪✪✪ 5 out of 5 I just finished Marsha Lucas’ “Rewire Your Brain for Love” and already it is a hit as far as I am concerned. For humans, the ‘final frontier’ – assuming there is such a thing – must be our consciousness. Some of the...
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Psychic Phenomena OBE or NDE

Merlin as Druid (Dore)

Psychic Phenomena OBE or NDE June 15, 1986. I had gone to bed in usual fashion with a book. I don’t recall when I fell asleep but I had turned off the reading lamp, taken off my specs and set the book next to me on the bed. The next thing I knew I...
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Near Death Experience

Paranormal Phenomena by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Near Death Experience Nowadays, the phrase Near Death Experience barely raises an eyebrow. Things were very different, however,  when a medical doctor named Raymond A. Moody burst into global consciousness with his ground-breaking book, Life After Life. It was the ’70s, a time of social and political foment, intellectual activism, and cultural shift. The...
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Taming Humans Freeing Dragons

Synchronicity discussed by Delia O' Riordan

Taming Humans, Freeing Dragons For reasons that remained for a while unclear I seem to have attracted the attention lately of…uhmm…ssshhh…dragons. ‘But aren’t they supposed to be sort of imaginary?’ So they tell me, but nevertheless dragons are popping up almost every day and sometimes several times in one day! Now, 2012 is the year...
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