Synchronicity by Psychic Delia O’Riordan

Psychic Readings History | Christmas Story

Paranormal Phenomena by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Psychic Readings History | Christmas Story In psychic readings history Synchronicity is a much queried subject. I’m often asked to explain the difference between ordinary co-incidence and synchronicity.  The Swiss psychoanalyst C.G. Jung used the term synchronicity to indicate the connection between two or more events that are  acausally related. Which means: two or...
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Synchronicity | Tonto and The Hobbit

Psychic Readings Online by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Synchronicity |Tonto and The Hobbit Well, here I am back in SynchroniCity again. What has that to do with Tonto and The Hobbit? Read on! Yesterday, for no good reason that I can think of, the 1950s TV series, The Lone Ranger, popped into my head. But it wasn’t Clayton Moore in the title...
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Finding My Perfect Angel

Amazing Cases by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Finding My Perfect Angel I love the idea of Angels. Having been reared in the Catholic tradition, I suppose that was a given, in a sense, but even after leaving the church at age 17 Angels retained their appeal for me. And why not? Angels represent all that is best in sentient life. They...
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11:11 Synchronicity

Paranormal Phenomena by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

11:11 Synchronicity In my previous post  I described a piece of mathematical art that my artist friend, Amy, had discovered on one of her excursions to a local town known for its galleries and craft shops. She had called to invite me to breakfast at a local cafe and had brought a sample of...
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