Finding My Perfect Angel

Finding My Perfect Angel

Burne-Jones Angels discussed by Delia O' RiordanI love the idea of Angels. Having been reared in the Catholic tradition, I suppose that was a given, in a sense, but even after leaving the church at age 17 Angels retained their appeal for me. And why not? Angels represent all that is best in sentient life. They embody our noblest aspirations for ourselves as individuals and as a species. Whether they are merely psychological projections or beings from another dimension who occasionally cross our paths, they seem to fulfill a very important function for us: Angels are bearers of Hope for the human race. Let’s face it, if there is nothing apart from our material world and if death is total annihilation, is existentialist heroic resignation our only alternative to murderous anarchy? Something in me – call it immaturity or even insanity if you like – finds the Universe and its many parallels far too complex and vast to exclude the possibility of realities that co-exist with ours but are as yet beyond our technology to detect. Eminent physicists have followed the mathematical route to the quantum domain in which things far stranger than Angels are possible. In a multi-verse of at least 10 dimensions and only instability above 11, there is room for all manner of life forms so perhaps the various beings that humans have caught glimpses of  and attempted to portray images of are not ‘merely products of imagination’ – presuming we know what imagination IS…

Finding My Perfect Angel

Human attempts to render likenesses of a class of beings that could be identified as Angels show great similarities in widely scattered cultures over millennia.  Winged Hindu Apsaras, Babylonian Winged Guardians, Angels painted on the walls of Pre-Christian Pompeii, Zoroastrian Persian Angels, even the principle of Shamanic journeying by entering the body of a bird, all carry some vestigial germ of even more ancient memories of creatures who moved freely through the air and had the power to appear at will and disappear when they had done what they came to do. Characterised as Messengers from thePersian Angel discussed by Delia O' Riordan Divine amongst ‘the peoples of the Book’ (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Zoroastrians), Angels have had a largely benign relationship with humans. Notwithstanding the story of the “Fallen Angels”, it’s difficult to equate them with any negative traits. Perhaps even the so-called ‘fallen ones’ are working off their Karma by coming to our aid if we call on them! Regardless of how you imagine them to be, there is likely an Angel in your vicinity right now. If you feel the need to find a physical representation of that Angel, close your eyes and invite the Angel to come into your mind. What you see will be unique to you and if you are creatively inclined you might want to make a papier mâché image of what you see. If art is not your forte, pay attention to any colour that the Angel shows you. Don’t be surprised if the colour is not a pastel shade! Angels radiate many different colours and shades; given their ethereal existence they could appear in endless variations depending on what their human charges need to be shown at the time. In my case, I wanted a Christmas Angel, a really beautiful Christmas Angel that I could have in the office where I do my psychic readings.  I didn’t see her as ‘my Angel’ but as a generic Angel that would act as a guardian for both my client and me during readings. In that way the door was open for Angelic energies to express themselves in the most appropriate way for each client. What I found was an exquisitely made Christmas Angel like those on the Angel Tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art In New York. She had the very image of spiritual serenity I had been seeking. She never failed to put my clients – even agnostic ones like me – at ease with her calming presence.

The Quest For My Perfect Angel

I did look for a personal Angel that seemed to connect with something in me but it was years later that I found her.  My husband were living temporarily in a cottage on the grounds of a hotel whilst we searched for a place to rent for a year. I became aware almost immediately of a ‘pull’ toward a stained glass art studio located within easy walking distance to the hotel grounds. I ignored the ‘pull’ at first in favour of dealing with the practical realities of finding a house, arranging to have our furniture and belongings released from storage and delivered, etc. About a month went by before I felt the time was right to visit to the art studio. It was a sunny afternoon in May and when I entered the studio a kaleidoscope of colour filled the space to bursting. Everywhere I looked there was something interesting and beautiful. I was enjoying all Celtic Angel by Wm. Morris discussed by Delia O'of this but I kept feeling there was something I was supposed to be looking for – and then I realised what it was. Somewhere in here was my Angel, but where? I started looking at each object in earnest now. I toured the entire shop which was divided into many rooms but I saw no Angels. A stained glass studio without an Angel? Impossible. Yet, none was visible. I was about to give up when I felt that ‘pull’ again and this time I followed it into what appeared to be storeroom – for ‘seconds’ perhaps? There was nothing of interest in view but still I felt my Angel was here. Then I spotted an old work table in the farthest corner of the room and I could see it had two shelves underneath so I went over to it and strained to see what was on those dark, dusty shelves. In the very back of the bottom shelf, almost completely hidden, was an Angel. She was lovely. Her gown alternated shades of pale mauve and sky blue. Her face – just an oval with no features – was a pale gold and her halo a soft shade of yellow. Her wings were made of frosted glass and semi-folded behind her. She was free-standing so I could have her on my desk. I had to laugh! I had asked the first time for a ‘generic Angel’ when I bought the Christmas Angel but this faceless Angel truly fit the bill! She was beautiful not because of features artifically added to her but because she had no features. This was the purest representation of the archetypal Angel that I had ever seen. The shop owner told me that was the only Angel that hadn’t sold during the previous Christmas season so he had put her in the storage room. She was the only one the artist had made without facial features which is probably why she hadn’t sold.

I had a different theory about that. Here I was half a world away from home in a strange new city with no friends or even acquaintances around me and just co-incidentally there happened to be a stained glass art studio two blocks from my hotel which just happened to have only one Angel hidden away on the bottom shelf of a table in a storeroom, an Angel I had been looking for for years…

Angel images courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

© Delia O’ Riordan 2012

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