About Psychic Delia

About Delia O’Riordan

I am an Evidential Psychic and Medium with 20 years experience including some truly Amazing Cases  such as finding missing persons, precognitive visions of events that later occurred in front of witnesses, remote viewing of a robbery and killing – ‘reading’ a belt buckle worn by the deceased, remote viewing of medical conditions validated by the persons concerned, foreseeing clients’ unexpected career changes, and much more.  I always encourage my clients to record their in-person or SKYPE reading for future reference and ask them to make notes during the reading because I read from an eyes-closed trance state.

My clients have come from all walks of life: musicians, artists, lawyers, human resource management, business people, law enforcement, civil servants, librarians, athletes, entertainers, even a representative of a world-famous Guru.

I believe strongly in the value of scientific research into psychic and ‘paranormal’ phenomena. I hold membership in the Institute of Noetic Sciences,  International Association for Near Death Studies, and the Windbridge Institute and participate in their online research whenever possible.

Related training:
Auto-Hypnosis (1965 – )
Transcendental Meditation (1973 – )
Silva Method Basic and Graduate Seminars (1989-90)
Aura Soma Practitioner (2000-2001)
Reiki Levels 1 and  2 Practitioner (1993-94)
Feng Shui (1983, 1995)
Aromatherapy (1997)

Interests and Activities:
Research: OBEs, NDEs, UFO and Abduction Phenomenon, Afterlife Experiments, Mindfulness and Neuro-psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Effects of Meditation, Spiritual Experience, etc.

Koto Music, Suiseki, Raku Pottery
Sumi-E Calligraphy
Ikebana, Ohara School
Tai Chi Chuan
Glass Art
Multi-media Art


2 Responses to About Psychic Delia

  1. Barbara Murray on October 30, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Dear Delia

    I’m confused about synchronicity basically I have found out that
    I share the same 2nd name, career and initials of a woman I’ve never met
    But just so happen to fancy her son! What is the universe up to?

    Kind regards


    • Delia O'Riordan on November 19, 2013 at 10:03 am

      Hello, Barbara,

      Hmmmm. Interesting synchronicity indeed! “What is the Universe up to?” In general, I have found that co-incidences like these point to things we might otherwise overlook on our path. The purposes seem to vary from simply developing our awareness to actual indicators of a “meant-to-be” encounter. You may already have had your answer but if not we can try a Psychic Reading and see what turns up. If you would like to book a reading, I would be happy to schedule one for you. Meanwhile, take note of any other (literally: write them down in a notebook you can keep with you) such “con-incidences” and see if there is a pattern to them.
      Best regards,
      P.S. My paternal grandmother’s last name was Murray and she was the one who said I “had the gift”.

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