My First Psychic Vision

My First Psychic Vision

Becoming Psychic discussed by Delia O' Riordan

Most of us have experienced ‘homesickness’ at one time or another and to greater or lesser degrees. My first bout of homesickness occurred during the summer of my 15th birthday. I had been invited by relatives to visit them in their home in a neighbouring city and then to accompany them to their farm in an area about two hours from the city. I was thrilled at the prospect of spending part of the summer with my favourite Uncle. Uncle Michael was well-traveled, widely read, and had an imposing presence. I particularly loved his habit of wearing a waistcoat with a beautiful pocket watch draped across it. He was courtly in manner, on a first name basis with a number of prominent political figures, and enjoyed lively discussions, especially about politics. In short, he was an adolescent girl’s dream Uncle. Besides which he had given me my first ‘big girl’ bicycle when I was nine years old, a Raleigh that I rode until I learned to drive. The Raleigh had given me what little freedom I had in childhood so I associated my Uncle and the lovely blue bike as symbols of that freedom.

My First Psychic Vision

I had never been away from home for any significant period but my parents gave their permission for me to accept the invitation and the whole family made the trip in the July heat.  Once I was settled in, my family left me in the care of my Aunt and Uncle for two to three weeks.  I was in a city so much that I knew I would never tire of it – and I never have and my Uncle was delighted to show it to me.  We spent the first week or so in the city where my Uncle took me to see his favourite vintage movies, took me on an insider tour of the ‘wheels of government’ and introduced me to one and all – as his daughter! (No one had heard of Alzheimer’s back then so I thought he was just absent-minded. It caused no end of confusion when I referred to him as Uncle!)

Our stay in the city was much too short for my liking but my Aunt was eager to get to the country to oversee the running of her farm which was about a two hour drive away. My experience of country life up that point was of large swathes of green hills, enormous oaks, maples, and weeping willow trees, a nearby lake to splash in and safe roads on which to walk to a shop for ice cream cones in summer. By contrast my Aunt’s farm was in the midst of a drought and there was nary a hill in sight. There was no shade outside because the land was used to produce vegetables and vine fruits. Poor itinerants were hired by the day or the week and all of this was alien to me. I enjoyed the cool of the early mornings before anyone else was awake because I could read the books my Uncle had recommended to me but the rest of the day was devoted to making jams and jellies, mending and darning, pumping water to wash clothes outside in an old wash tub – everything that life in the city was not. By the end of the first week on the farm I was feeling like a very edgy square peg in a round hole. My Uncle did his best to keep me occupied with books and  the prospect of discussing them with him was inviting but I nevertheless found myself becoming increasingly homesick – something I had not imagined in the excitement of the first week in the city.. Finally, I could no longer eat or sleep and had to confess to my Aunt that I was desperately homesick.  She did her best to comfort me but the physical effects of homesickness just got worse so the next day, with some trepidation, she broached the subject of driving me back to the city.  My Uncle ‘went ballistic’ as we would say nowadays.  I was completely surprised by his reaction. He had always been so gentlemanly!  My Aunt did her best to calm him down but he was not having it.  I had cut short his country idyll, a time he looked forward to all year, and at his age and with asthma to boot, he was in no mood to pretend he didn’t mind.  I went to bed without dinner again and cried myself into a fitful sleep that lasted about three hours.

Clairvoyance In The Night

I woke up suddenly to find the house in darkness but I had a bedside lantern and used that to read by.  However, reading did not put me back to sleep and I lay in bed tossing from side to side. SomethingPower of Premonitions discussed by Delia O' Riordan strange had awakened me:  I kept seeing a scene in my mind’s eye that would not go away.  In this vision, my Aunt and Uncle and I were on the highway back to the city when suddenly there was a loud noise and the right rear tyre of my Uncle’s car blew out.  I could see a big overpass ahead of the spot where we came to a stop. I sat up in shock and tried to convince myself that I must have been dreaming. But I had wide awake and I felt with absolute certainty that what I was seeing was going to happen!   This wasn’t some childish fear of what might happen on a long-ish car journey; this was something else – a deep conviction that no matter how I might pray or wish for it not to happen, the right rear tyre on my Uncle’s meticulously cared for car was going to blow within sight of a large ‘overpass’ as he drove toward the city!  The hours ’til dawn ticked by with excruciating slowness. My vision of the blown tyre and the overpass just would not go away. What would my Aunt think if I told her about it? Why had it happened in the first place?  I often had ‘feelings’ about things before they happened but this was the first time I could remember having seen an event that I felt would happen the next day.

By morning I had packed and re-packed my bag several times when my Aunt came into my room to see how I was doing. I broke into tears and told her about my premonition.  As any adult probably would, she tried to re-assure and calm me. Everything would be fine, my Uncle’s car was serviced regularly and he always had the tyres checked before a long drive. I knew that was true but I was still convinced –without knowing how or why – that my premonition was definitely going to come true.

A little while later, my Uncle emerged from their bedroom dressed in his Sunday best suit and picked up my bag to carry it to the car.  I was still mortified about having disappointed him and tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  Once on the road I was constantly on the look out for that overpass but, as we drove,  the summer heat and the emotional exhaustion of the past week finally caught up with me and I drifted into a light sleep – until I heard a loud noise and the car suddenly lurched! My eyes flew open as I realised that once again I had NOT been dreaming!  My Uncle swore under his breath and struggled to get the car under control. Finally, we crawled to a stop on the paved shoulder of the highway.  The right rear tyre had just blown!  My psychic vision had just come true!   My Aunt turned to look at me as though I had suddenly grown horns!  She was very devout and in her strict version of Christianity things like “psychic visions” were the work of the Devil!   My obvious panic must have got through to her, however, because she reached back and patted me with her gloved hand and said not to worry we’d still make it in time for the train that I would take back home. But that wasn’t what worried me. The vision and my feeling of inevitably about it left me deeply shaken. How I had known? And why? There was no time to think about just then, however.

My Uncle was storming out of the car, tossing his jacket into the back seat next to me and ordering us ‘women’ out of the car. He already had the jack in his hand and was elevating the car off the ground when I happened to glance up. There, a few hundred metres in front of the car was an overpass – just as I had seen it in my mind about ten hours before! Aunt Lucille followed my glance and once again looked at me in astonishment.  How had this happened? How could I possibly have ‘seen’ something that would only happen hours later?  I’d had a number of premonitions before but none as dramatic as this one. And if  that was what being psychic meant, I’d rather not!

Tyres Done and Dusted

Meanwhile, my Uncle wrestled the flat tyre off the wheel and was working the spare into position.  He leaned the flat tyre against the side of the car.  My Aunt, who was on the nervous side to begin with, Discover Your Psychic Type discussed by Delia O'Riordannoticed that the tyre was quite dusty and she was so flustered by this whole sequence of events that she absent-mindedly removed an embroidered handkerchief from her bag and began ‘dusting’ the flat tyre!  My Uncle who had been working in silence since getting out of the car, suddenly exploded!  ”In the name of ….. ……, what the hell are you doing woman?”  I froze. My Uncle was perspiring and panting, he was red in the face and I was terrified he might have a heart attack right there by the side of the road! Suddenly, my Aunt straightened to her full and rather imposing height, the very image of righteous indignation. Before my Uncle could say another word she shot back with a shrill reprimand: “How dare you take the Lord’s name in vain, Michael Kelly! And on a Sunday morning? Not that it makes any difference to you! I have to coax you to go your church like a schoolboy!  I go to my church and never miss a service. But you tempt the hand of the Almighty by not going to church and then taking His name in vain on His Sabbath? How dare you?”

As an afterthought, she added:  “And don’t you swear in front of this child! She dreamed about this flat tyre last night and she is distraught with grief that it came to pass. I ask her forgiveness for even considering for a minute that the devil was behind her vision because now I see it was the Lord that sent me a warning I did not heed. You apologise to this child right here and now, Michael Kelly.  And next week you go to confession and tell your priest how you behaved.  Shame on you!”  Uncle Michael was beyond words!  Aunt Lucille’s outburst was so un-characteristic of her usually genteel manner–even when telling someone off – that he had no comeback for her.  Then, as if he suddenly saw the humour in the situation, he burst out laughing. Surprised by this sudden change in his mood, my Aunt did the same and finally I tentatively smiled hoping that the laughter meant all was forgiven. The rest of the journey was peaceful and no mention was ever made again of the ‘vision’ that came true on that fateful Sunday morning. But ever since then, Clairvoyance – along with Clairaudience and Clairsentience – has been a frequent a feature of my psychic life.

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