Psychic Readings | Amazing Valentine Reading

Psychic Readings | Amazing Valentine Reading

Amazing Cases by Psychic Delia O'RiordanAn Amazing Psychic Reading is one in which there are so many totally accurate “hits” that they defy any conventional explanation. I’ve had a number of such readings, but this one always comes back to me at this time of year. The client was a young woman I shall call Eve and here is what happened.

When she came for a reading Eve was a pretty, lively, intelligent and energetic woman in her early 30s with a five year old son. Her divorce had recently become final and she was ready to move on with her life. That was all the information I had about Eve when I started the reading and she wanted me to focus on where her life was going post-divorce.  Unlike clients who are still in the throes of trauma following divorce, Eve  had obviously recovered and was clearly ready to move on to the next phase of her life. I was eager to see what lay ahead for her.

Psychic Readings | Amazing Valentine Reading

As often happens in my psychic readings, immediately after I closed my eyes and entered into a semi-trance state  a loved one who had passed recently came through. Eve’s grandmother identified herself  by name, Joan, and then described a favourite sweater she had knitted herself, a ring that Eve’s mother still wore and reminded Eve of several incidents from her childhood.  Such detailed and very personal information is often a shock to my clients but Eve had enjoyed a very close relationship with Joan and was delighted to have confirmation of survival of consciousness after physical death. Having confirmed that I was getting information specific to Eve, I moved on to the question that had motivated her to come for a reading: her career.

Career/Love/Destiny  All in One

Much of the rest of the initial reading focused on Eve’s career and I felt a change of job in the short term to a completely different kind of work. Eve was in IT and had a very good reputation in her field but I felt her changing fields as a result of someone asking her to perform a favour. She laughed and said she could not imagine what could entice her to change career paths. However, several months later a friend begged a favour: could Eve please organize a conference in Vancouver for 150 international participants. Eve’s natural gifts for organising and managing a diverse group of professionals, her insistence on quality of service, and making the participants feel welcome made the conference a huge success. The door was suddenly open for a career change!

After I thought I had finished the reading, Eve pressed me to try to see where her life was going – romantically. I had never done a psychic reading that concentrated on future romantic attachments although some information about such matters spontaneously came through in some readings. This time I’d be specifically looking into the most intimate area of my client’s life and had misgivings about anything useful coming through but I agreed to give it a try and imagined Eve as Psyche entering Cupid’s secret garden to catch a glimpse of her future lover.

Love Walked In…Wearing Cowboy Boots!

I sat in silence for a few moments and then I began to get an image of a tall, fair-haired man wearing a red-plaid flannel shirt, jeans with a big toolbelt, and…uhm…cowboy boots. The boots gave me pause because Eve was distinctly urbane in her tastes and the idea that she might find such a man attractive was way off the radar! However, I always report what I ‘get’ so I described him. Eve then asked me his name and without a second of hesitation, I said Alan!  She asked me what he did for a living. Toolsmith, I said. What? Where did that come from?  A Toolsmith was someone who made hand tools – not a very likely profession for the 1990s!  I also had the impression that Alan was university-educated despite the fact that he appeared to be a carpenter. I sensed that he liked to make things but also had a drive to succeed in the business world and was trying to build a business of some kind.

Eve then asked me to see if she and Alan would end up together, and if so, where and under what circumstances? A very tall order! However, I focused on Alan again and this is what came through. It seemed to be some years in the future as Eve’s son was now about 17. I ‘saw’ Eve and Alan fixing up two houses located on one property in an area that seemed to be near Niagara Falls. Eve’s house was a good size and sat on the top of a small hill. A long driveway led down to a smaller house which Alan was working on. I had the feeling that this smaller dwelling was a self-catering cottage that was let out year round. At that point, I seemed to have exhausted the topic and told Eve that was all I could ‘get’. We talked about other aspects of the reading—tape recorded by the way—and Eve left with a promise to let me know if she ever met ‘Alan’.  We did not have long to wait. Two weeks after the reading, on the day after Halloween, Eve called to say that she had met a tall fair-haired man the previous night at a singles Halloween party! He had his own software company and he took an immediate interest in Eve and asked her out.  He fit the physical description of Alan but he gave his name as Bryce. Eve and I both thought ‘Oh well, so much for Alan’ and laughed.

Love and Destiny Conspire

I next heard from Eve about two weeks after our chat. She was clearly excited. She been dating Bryce two to three times a week and he had just left her house after fixing a problem in her kitchen. What she needed to tell me was that he had shown up at her home that morning wearing – wait for it! –  a red-plaid flannel workshirt, (check), jeans (check) with a huge tool-belt (check), and…cowboy boots! (check). Seeing her surprise he told her he used to be a professional carpenter (check!) which is how he paid for his education (B.Comm and MBA in IT) (check). Just as Eve was absorbing that he told her the name of his IT company: Toolsmith. Checkmate!   Eve could not believe her eyes or her ears but there was more to come. On a whim, Eve asked Bryce his ‘middle’ name and he replied BRYCE. Eve said “No, I mean your middle name.” He laughed and explained that his first name was….Are you ready for this?… ALAN (after his father) but no one called him that and he always went by his middle name, Bryce!

The accuracy of the information about Eve’s romantic future – and Destiny – stunned us both. I’ve experienced many impressive readings over the years but this one is one of my all-time favourites and so utterly amazing it still shocks me when I recall it.

Disclaimer: Client names and some details of their readings are changed to protect their privacy.

© Delia O’ Riordan 2012, 2014

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