UFO Encounters of the Psychic Kind

UFO Encounters of the Psychic Kind

Carmichael, California UFOs discussed by Delia O' Riordan
Have you ever seen a UFO? Did its occupants seem to be aware of you? Did the UFO move closer when you showed an interest in it? Thousands of people are reporting exactly that.

Let us suppose for a moment that three things are true: UFOs are real, they are under intelligent control and they are not human-created phenomena. I used to subscribe to the theory that “We’re too boring and un-important to attract the attention of advanced civilizations from beyond earth”. I mean really, look at the state of us. We can’t seem to invent an economic system that makes poverty obsolete, there are hundreds of civil or tribal wars going on somewhere on this planet at any given moment, the “Warriors” commit atrocities on each other and on the civilian population, rape is a Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of all human females – and even some unfortunate animals that become the  objects of testosterone-fueled lust. Teenagers bully each other to death and suicide bombers bully everybody.  Seriously, if you were a member of an advanced civilisation where none of the above practices existed, would you choose to come to this planet? Or even cross over from another dimension – which would at least save a lot of time if not aggravation once you mastered the knack of inter-dimensional travel! Looked at from the perspective of our failure to create a viable civilisation, who would want to make contact with us?

UFO Encounters of the Psychic Kind

Our only claim to potential significance is we are conscious beings – albeit mostly very dimly so.  But this indeed may be of  interest to advanced beings from…anywhere. What led me to consider seriously the possibility that this might be so, is one of the peculiar aspects of Close Encounters of the Second and Third Kinds: the apparent ability of the occupants -or control mechanisms of UFOs – to detect and understand human thought. And that is down-right scary!

We know that stars and minerals abound in the uni/multi-verse. There are literally trillions of stars and who knows how may planets capable of sustaining some form of sentient life. As far as we know, the only thing that travels as fast or faster than the speed of light (the recent Hadron Collider neutrino experiment notwithstanding) is the instantaneous nature of conscious thought.  If consciousness operates in the same way no matter where it occurs, or if indeed the entire uni/multi-verse is conscious, then instant communication with other life forms may be possible, indeed inevitable.

Telepathic ET

IThinking Person's UFO Book discussed by Delia O' Riordann the reports of UFO sightings I have been reading lately, there are numerous cases of apparent interaction between the minds of humans and the UFOs such that the UFOs approach closer when invited to do so, sometimes to the delight and sometimes to the regret of the humans in question. In a few cases UFOs have even returned to a particular location at a particular time so that the human percipient can come prepared with a camera to record the event!  One such case in particular impressed me as representative of this uncanny ability to communicate with us. A young man in San Diego a few months back was walking on a city street when he happened to glance up at the sky in daylight. What he saw was something he could not explain: a large bright object that stood still in the sky. Curious, he watched the object for several minutes. It moved occasionally but always came back to a standstill. On a whim, he mentally requested proof that the light he saw in the sky was indeed a craft and was under conscious control. He requested that craft return to the same intersection at the same time one week later. He further requested the craft to move in a specific way if its occupants understood him and were willing to return. The UFO complied and the young man stood gob-smacked in amazement. A week later he returned with his camera and documented his second encounter.

Can Thinking Make It So?

There are many more accounts of mental communication between human percipients and whoever or whatever are piloting these vehicles. The fact that the humans instinctively attempt communication by thought rather than some sort of sign language is interesting but that language itself seems to be no barrier suggests – to me at least – that there is another form of language that may be universal: the language of Intention.  Are we broadcasting our Intentions to the entire universe and if so, which Intentions are being picked-up?

Is Anybody Listening?

The questions are legion: Are we attracting benevolent, or at least neutral, attention from other species? How many such species might there be? Why do UFOs seem to come in so many forms? Are they made by multiple species: Are cigar-shaped ones coming from a different location or dimension from the triangular-shaped ones? Are the ‘saucer’ shaped craft coming from a different place – or time – from the boomerang shaped UFOs? Are we dealing with many different species with radically different agendas? How can we find out? And how can we account for the professed lack of interest from the scientific community and national governments? Have they already established that ignoring the visitors is better than acknowledging them? And most puzzling of all: Why are the number of sightings – especially close-up and daylight encounters – rising exponentially? Or is it just that our technology has finally reached the point where we can document our anomalous experiences rather than living in isolation from the phenomenon of UFOs?

I think the issue we need to examine as a species is this matter of Intention and how well or badly we are using its power to effect change in our lives and perhaps in the universe as well.

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