FAQ: Intuition and Psychic Development

FAQ:  Intuition and Psychic Development

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of the existence of more than the physically observable world. One could say all children live essentially in an imaginal world but that is because we adults have forgotten the very real domain of subtle reality that exists side by side with physical reality. Research into the origins of the Universe has begun to shed light on the nature of the non-local awareness that is the ‘stuff’ of consciousness and psychic perception. And that is what the psychic realm is all about: the use of consciousness to explore non-local reality.

After several decades toiling in the left-brain world and being tugged in the direction of my psychic side, I made the decision to honour and develop further whatever psychic ability I might have. One doesn’t stop using left-brain consciousness when one permits right-brain consciousness greater access to attention. More recent research has demonstrated that the functions of the ‘mind’ are integrated to a great extent so it is a bit of a misnomer to label psychic phenomena as ‘right-brained’ and analytical thinking as ‘left-brained’.  They overlap in that function of consciousness that we call Intuition–a sudden, holistic ‘knowing’ that seems to burst into awareness fully formed.

All humans have Intuition. It is the faculty that kept us alive long enough to evolve into the species that we are today. Intuition is a kind of ‘earlywarning system’ that makes us aware of danger before our physical senses can register it. Intuition is a survival tool but it is also much more. Intuition is the gateway to the subtler levels of consciousness that we call the psychic or paranormal. One cannot develop one’s psychic sense without learning how to recognize the subtlest signs of intuitive perception.  All attempts to develop our latent psychic abilities begin with learning to work with Intuition.

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