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As a professional psychic I’m often asked about superstitions, especially those involved with “bad luck”. Friday the 13th is usually at or near the top of the list. Most people know the origin of this particular superstition either from Dan Brown’s popular novels and the movies based on them or from history classes at school that told the story of the Knights Templar, the “warrior Knights” of the Crusades who protected pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem but also amassed great wealth and power in their successful ventures as “the Pope’s bankers”. Eventually they became too wealthy and too powerful for Rome to tolerate and the Templars became the object of Inquisitorial wrath culminating in their disbandment on Friday the 13th of October, 1307.

Psychic Delia | Templar Moon

The Templars had a checkered history to put it mildly. Although the original nine founding members were endorsed by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the terms under which the Holy See established the order exempted them from many of the laws of the provinces in which they built their strongholds and one particular law of the Church against Usury, the lending of money by charging interest. Until the founding of the Templars, the Vatican had strictly enforced the prohibition against Christians requiring interest on loans. To do so was to suffer the consequences for eternity in hell. Jews, who were of course exempt from Church law but also barred from seeking an education in the Universities (all of which were Chartered by the Church), then found that the best way to make a living in Europe was to become money-lenders, an irony that seemed to be lost on the Papacy at the time.

Psychic Delia | Templar Moon

Whilst the Templars flourished and their wealth increased, the crowned heads of Europe who committed their nobles, knights, and armies to the Crusades found themselves permanently indebted to the Templars, a recipe for disaster because the Templars, by Papal decree,  were exempt from Civil Law!  However, as one King after another – all “consecrated” by the Popes to rule by Divine Right – appealed to the Holy See for relief from their debts, the Church itself could make common cause with them for even the Church owed the Templars money! How to rid themselves of the cursed Templars? Start a war  – not of armies but of rumour and innuendo that connected the Templars with ‘the dark arts” of necromancy, devil worship, defiling altars with sexual rituals and every manner of human degradation an over-active indebted imagination could invent. As the pressure built to disband the Templars, the Knights resisted and finally the stand off came to end with the invasion of the Templar stronghold in Montségur, France. The head of the Order was arrested by the French King and the Pope acting  jointly and the Inquisition set about the systematic torture of any Templar who was captured and refused to testify against his fellow knights.

Templars to Masons

Some of the Templars escaped and fled to various outposts of the Holy Roman Empire and some made it as far as Scotland. Many people today believe that the Templars founded what became Scottish Rite Free Masonry and thus the union of two traditions produced a secret society which the Church promptly outlawed. Thus, the Church ruled temporally through “Consecrated” Kings and Queens and the royals of Europe were forced to bend the knee to Rome and provide tithes as required by the Vatican. Oddly, although the Pope crushed the Templars, the practice of Christians lending money became enshrined in what the modern world knows as The Vatican Bank…One man’s sin is another’s reward.

Tonight’s Full Moon is a relatively rare event falling as it does on Friday the 13th. If I were superstitious I’d keep an eye on the money markets…You know, just in case…

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