Psychic Pets | Amazing Cases

Psychic Pets | Amazing Cases

Psychic Pets discussed by Delia O' Riordan

The subject of psychic pets appears in many amazing cases of animal to human communication but it also raises some fundamental questions. For example, to say that pets are psychic pre-supposes that animals are conscious. Obviously, they are, right? Not according to two groups that agree on very little else: scientists and theologians. The scientific argument rests on a quickly eroding assumption that animals are ruled entirely by “Instinct” and therefore lack the capacity to choose how they will react to events around them. However, beginning with the Washoe project in the late 1950s and ’60s when primates (chimpanzees in this case) were taught to communicate through pictures and eventually through sign language, it became apparent that humans may have grossly underestimated animal intelligence and the degree to which they may be said to be conscious.  More than half a century later researchers have discovered that animals as varied as gorillas and birds are capable of making choices and expressing those choices in language, including spoken language (Aimee Morgana 2001, I. Pepperberg 2000, R. Sheldrake 2003-2010).

Psychic Pets | Amazing Cases

We already knew about amazing cases of  animals that used “tools”, something that had been presumed to be unique to humans. But ethologists and behaviourists observed gorillas and other primates stripping young twigs of leaves and then using the twigs to remove ants and termites from rotting logs and eating the creepy crawlies off the twig.  Coastal monkeys inAlex and Me discussed by Delia O' Riordan Japan were observed using small shells or pebbles to open oyster, clam, and mussel shells to get at the food inside. So the use of tools is not what set “man” apart from the animals. Ah, then, said the scientists and theologians,  it must be language and specifically the ability to vocalize meaningful sounds. Wrong, again. Dolphins and parrots have learned to “speak” our language and African Grey Parrots in particular have demonstrated exceptional abilities to go beyond using individual words to using abstract concepts such as the concept of none or zero! Humans only began using zero routinely in the 16th century but the most famous African Grey, Alex, trained by Dr. Irene Pepperberg (above left), spontaneously started to use the concept of “none” appropriately and even humorously in response to experimental questions designed to measure his understanding of quantity (more/less, larger number/smaller number). For that past half century the distinction between human capacities and those of animals have been found to be largely based on untested – and therefore unscientific – assumptions. Testing those assumptions had led to the conclusion that animals are conscious, have the capacity to make choices, and understand us much better than we do them!  Does it follow then that if animals are conscious beings, their consciousness might survive physical death as it appears that human consciousness does?

Pets In The Afterlife

According to many of the clients with whom Dr. Michael Newton practiced past-life regression, animal consciousness Amazing Power of Animals discussed by Delia O' Riordandoes survive physical death. Our pets who precede us in death often appear as we leave our bodies or they show up after we arrive at the point where we encounter our “spirit guide”.  According to the experiences of thousands of people who have been regressed to the ‘life between lives’ by Dr. Newton and his successors, animals enjoy an afterlife separate from but accessible to that enjoyed by humans. They and we have “visiting privileges” as it were and they can be brought from their “heaven” to be with us for short periods after our arrival in the afterlife. For me, this answers the age-old question of whether animals have “souls”.  If humans are thought to possess souls by virtue of being conscious  and animals share in a form of consciousness, then obviously animals have souls.

The work of people like Aimee Morgana and Irene Pepperberg demonstrate that, given the opportunity, animals can acquire the means to communicate with us and they show higher level intellectual functions once thought to be exclusive to humans. Suppose part of our task as embodied souls put here to grow in consciousness is to help animals to advance in consciousness as well? If that were the case, we would be remiss in not making an effort to communicate with the feathered, scaled, and furred souls with whom we share the planet. I, for one, think that working with other forms of consciousness is our destiny as a species and perhaps animals were placed here with us to help us accomplish that part of our task.

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