Amazing Psychic Readings | Missing Teen

Amazing Psychic Readings | Missing Teen

Amazing Cases by Psychic Delia O'RiordanMy first client as a professional psychic was a woman I shall call Miriam. The moment she walked through the door for her psychic reading I felt a rapport that was later to prove crucial in my first missing person’s case.  However, the first psychic reading I did for Miriam also centred on a “missing person” in a way. She and her family were new to Canada as political refugees. When a civil war broke out in their home country, they were on holiday in Europe and they found they could not return home. After many agonising months awaiting a decision, they were finally granted refugee status and arrived in Canada. Once the family were settled Leonard and Miriam decided he must try to return to their country to see what news he could obtain about those they had left behind and whether it was possible way to rescue any of them or recover anything from their tea plantation. That was all the information I had when the reading began.

Amazing Psychic Readings | Missing Teen

I focused on locating Leonard and when I closed my eyes I saw two men, one tall and one more slightly built, and I formed the impression that the smaller man was Leonard. In addition, I was able to describe some items that Leonard had with him – items that confirmed I had made contact with him and not someone random person. Leonard and his companion were in what appeared to be a remote location with no paved roads in sight. They were in the taller man’s country which bordered Leonard’s.  I had the impression that the taller man was someone Leonard knew slightly from previous business connections and that they were working on plans to cross the border into Leonard’s country. They would split up and travel separately so as not to attract unwanted attention but they would rendezvous from time to time to compare information. My impression was that although their situation was precarious they were not in immediate danger at that point. They had to communicate with radios (this was the pre-cellphone era) and contact was sporadic. The lack of transport made travel very difficult and most of the time they were on foot to avoid patrols. Apart from stomach upsets from dodgy water, they seemed to be alright. My feeling was that Leonard and his friend thought they might be able to work together in the friend’s country and they were also exploring that possibility as well.  Miriam was relieved and re-assured by the details of the items I saw in Leonard’s possession and she confirmed that there was a man Leonard had encountered earlier in his trip who fit the description of his companion. At the close of this first reading, I did not expect to hear from Miriam again any time soon but about two months after the reading, I got an early morning phone call.

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Miriam had come home from her job at a local hospital the night before she appealed to me for help. She found a quiet house and assumed her son and daughters were asleep in their beds as their bedroom doors were closed. Exhausted after working two jobs, Miriam followed suit and went to bed.
The following morning her daughters were up and getting ready for school when Miriam went to wake her 14 year old son. To her shock, he was not in his bedroom and his bed had not been slept in! He had, apparently, been out all night in a new country where he had made few friends as yet. Miriam’s daughters had no idea where their brother was and only a vague idea of who his few school friends were.  When a call to the school showed that her son was not there, Miriam called the police to report  him missing. Because of the youth of the boy and the family’s position as refugees, the police canvassed the immediate neighbourhood and checked with the school but her son was nowhere to be found. At that point Miriam decided to call me. What she wanted me to do was to try to locate her son, psychically!  She had been able to confirm many of the things that I sensed in the reading of her husband’s whereabouts and conditions so she thought I might be able to do the same again but this time for a teenage boy who might not want to be found. I agreed to do the reading but told Miriam that this was something new in my experience and, knowing the usual police attitude to psychics, I asked her not to disclose where any information I might come up with had originated.  She agreed and I said I would meditate immediately and get back to her with whatever came through.

Amazing Psychic Reading:  Missing Teen

I had never met Miriam’s son so I had no idea what he looked like. Nevertheless, impressions started flowing almost immediately after I closed my eyes and entered the meditative state. The images were so sharp and detailed that I started to jot them down in case I forgot anything by the end. What I ‘saw’ astonished me as much it would later astonish Miriam…and the Police!

The Boy In The Chartreuse Track Suit

With my eyes closed in a mild trance state, I ‘saw’ a small group of teens hanging out in front of a tiny ‘strip mall’ that had a Chinese Take-Away, a Pizza shop, a small dry cleaner/laundry, and a Post Office. I felt that I was seeing what had transpired there on the previous evening.

I saw a few cars in the parking lot immediately in front of the shops. I felt that her son had walked there because it was the closest place to go to meet up with other kids at night. I also sensed that he had arranged to go the shops with a school friend who was smaller and slighter in build and for whom I got the name ‘Pat’. I could not tell whether this friend was male or female and only saw longish hair and a jeans jacket from behind. At the little shopping centre from time to time one of the kids would get some chips or a slice of pizza from the shop or buy an egg roll and something to drink from the Chinese Take-Away. Others were puffing on cigarettes and chatting but one really stood out from the crowd because of his attire: a bright chartreuse running suit and matching running shoes!  Such suits in various colours were worn by school track teams so I didn’t think much of it apart from the fact that it was conspicuous amongst a group who were mostly dressed in jeans and dark jackets.  My next impression was of an older fellow on a motorbike who came into the parking lot and joined the group.  Soon the kids were taking turns riding on the back of the bike as he took them for a spin or showed them the basics of riding in the parking lot. The boy in chartreuse got on the bike briefly but stayed in the parking lot. His friend went for a ride with the biker whilst “Leonard, Jr.” stayed in the lot with the others. His friend, Pat, returned a short while later and the two decided to go to the Pat’s place and watch a bit of television. My final impression was of the two kids sound asleep, Leonard in a sleeping bag on the floor and Pat asleep in a single bed in what looked to be his/her bedroom.

At that point, the impressions stopped coming so I called Miriam back, told her everything I had seen and again asked that she not tell the police where the information for finding Leonard Jr. came from. If it was accurate, the police would find the kids and that would be that. If there were any inaccuracies, it would just re-enforce police skepticism of psychics in general. However, unbeknownst to me a policewoman had stayed with Miriam (as she called me) in case Leonard came home whilst the patrolmen were still looking for him. She heard Miriam’s side of the conversation with me and surmised what was going on. Despite the usual skepticism, the policewoman decided to check it out (without naming the source) and phoned the information to her colleagues via police radio. The patrolmen went directly to the school and based on the descriptions from the reading were able to identify Leonard’s companion, Pat. Armed with the address, the police found the house and found the two teens – still asleep, the one on the floor with a chartreuse running suit visible in the too- small sleeping bag and and other in the bed. Much to my relief, Miriam called me later that morning to report that her son was home and after a serious reprimand was busy washing the chartreuse running suit that his older sister had just bought but never worn. Leonard had thoughtfully decided to ‘break it in’ for her.

Oh, yes, and Pat? Pat was ‘into’ cross-dressing which was why I had a difficult time figuring out if the kid in the jeans jacket was a boy or a girl!

Please, note: For the safety and security of those involved, I have altered names and some identifying details. However, the facts of the case are accurate.
© Delia O’ Riordan 2012, 2014



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