Psychic Readings | Aura Soma

Psychic Readings | Aura Soma

What is Aura Soma and how does it work?

Aura Soma Sourcebook discussed by Delia O' RiordanI decided to study Aura Soma to use in my psychic readings back in 1999. Aura Soma is the name of a fascinating system developed by the late Vicky Wall, an apothecary of the old school who was also a chiropodist for many years. Ms. Wall was an enthusiastic supporter of ‘natural medicine’ as it was known in her early life. She cultivated her own herb and flower gardens and used the plants in her healing work. Unfortunately, Ms. Wall suffered a haemorrhage at the age of 66 and lost the sight in one eye and eventually was declared legally blind. Although she apparently had clairvoyant abilities and perceived auras around living things including people, it was only after the loss of her sight that she began to employ these talents in a coherent way. Under the tutelage of her apothecary father and a local pharmacist as well as later training as a chiropodist, Vicky acquired the skills she needed to open her own clinic which she ran with Australian Osteopath Margaret Cockbain. When she was no longer to practice as a chiropodist, Ms. Wall had a sudden inspiration that led to the creation of 98 Equilibrium oils which taken together are known as Aura Soma. (The current owners of Aura Soma have added new combinations).

Psychic Readings | Aura Soma

When I saw the 98 bottles of Aura Soma oils displayed against the bright sunlight pouring through a bay window at a Body, Mind and Spirit Festival, I was hooked. I love colour to begin with but had always worn and decorated with ‘earth tones’ and avoided bright colours when I was young and “good taste” over-rode personal preference. It wasn’t until I liberated myself from an academic setting that I began – ever so slowly – to discover the nearly smothered lover of life underneath my serious public persona and gave her leave to make choices based entirely on whether something evoked joy. Aura Soma definitely evoked a deep and abiding joy and when the opportunity arose to study it I jumped at the chance.

I personally make no claims for the “healing” properties of the oils but I can say with confidence that our choice of oils based entirely on what colours appeal to us on any given day, invariably reflect theAura Soma discussed by Delia O' Riordan deeper aspects of ourselves at that moment. What I have found is that the bottles viewed with strong light behind them seem to connect us to our essential selves directly and strongly. Interpreting the meaning of the various colour combinations involves both training and intuition but the use of the bottles as colour therapy is by far the most useful aspect of Aura Soma. When one stares at the incredibly clear and vivid colours of the liquids, the effect is almost hypnotic. I have found that clients get the greatest benefit from using their bottles in this manner to induce a meditative state. At present, the psychology and physiology of colour are little understood beyond recording how colour is perceived by the eye and where in the brain it causes activity. However, on a practical level, working with colour reveals us to ourselves in a way that is unlike any other “tool” for self-understanding. I love Aura Soma and find that psychic readings using the oils never fail to raise a client’s awareness of some subtle aspect of her or his interior life that can lead to considerable personal growth.

To learn more or to purchase Vicky Wall’s book click HERE.

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