Psychic Readings Career Change

Psychic Readings Career Change

Finding Your Own North Star

Psychic readings can shed light on many aspects of life including Careers. In the current economic climate one might be forgiven for wondering whether we are facing a future in which we shall have not so much a career as a careen from one part-time underpaid job to another. When our livelihood is threatened we tend to seek a solution from what has worked in the past. A better designed resume, keeping up a brave front with friends and neighbours, and scrambling for any job that promises a salary and ‘benefits’. Nowhere in this scenario is any attention being paid to the issue of creating our “Right Livelihood”, the way of supporting ourselves and our families that is most in harmony with who we are.

Psychic Readings Career Change

When a client comes to me with a career/work related issue I begin the reading the same way as I do for any other sort of reading: by scanning the space around her/him for a moment or two. Several kinds of information may emerge: natural interests, talents, abilities, sometimes a physical condition or an area of ‘weakness’ such as a previously broken bone, or I may sense objects around the client as happened in the case of a musician I read for who was a violinist with a national symphony but whose real passion was the flute.

As I scanned the space around her, I ‘saw’ a flute over the client’s right shoulder and asked if it had any particular meaning for her. (I didn’t know what she did for a living before the reading began). She was a bit shocked to find that her ‘secret’ was out and that her love for her instrument was such that it actually expressed itself as a psychic image!  I take that reading as a benchmark when I read for a client with a career question because most of us started out in life with a passionate curiosity about or love for a particular form of expression.  This does not mean that every child whose favourite toy is a set of Leggo will necessarily go on to train as an architect or an engineer. It may be just a ‘passing phase’ of childhood but it is important for us not to dismiss these early passions as ‘silly’ or ‘just play’, or worse , as meaningless. Anything a child is interested in can be a tool to unlock a passion that will last a lifetime and propel the child toward her or his “Right Livelihood”.

Finding Your Right Livelihood

I believe that we are all born with a predisposition toward fulfilling our own “Right Livelihood”.  “There is that of the Divine in each of us” is not just a reminder of the sacredness of consciousness; it is also about the human capacity to create. It is in creating something that springs from a source deep within us that we find our true selves and fulfill our purpose in this lifetime.
Yet, when we look about us what do we see? Billions of people, most of whom do not have  work that fulfills them much less constitutes a “Right Livelihood”.  We see ourselves mirrored in the faces of millions of workers of all kinds, most of them employed by governments, corporations, and institutions such as hospitals or schools. No doubt some of those who are so employed like their jobs, a few may even love their jobs, but the vast majority will have been shunted into jobs that other people chose for them. Parents, teachers, and school counsellors tend to rely on instruments like Vocational Aptitude Tests, school performance, or “market demand” to steer adolescents into ‘career path’ programmes.  Their intentions are good but coloured by the pre-eminent need for the child to be equipped to “earn a living”.  The assumption is that humans must adapt themselves to the demands of the marketplace or risk a life of financial insecurity or perhaps even poverty. The tragedy of this state of affairs is that no one seriously questions whether there is an alternative way  to earn one’s daily bread and lead a fulfilling life.  Too often people are pre-occupied with what superficially ‘looks like’ security.

Career Psychic Reading

Parents usually insist that their children must do ‘better’ in life than they have done. ThisTo Build The Life You Want generally translates into making more money by choosing a profession with a high-end income. Almost always the adolescent will be cautioned to go for the ‘safe’ option, the one that has worked in the past, a job with a salary and benefits. From a parent’s point of view, it would be irresponsible to encourage a son or daughter to create a livelihood outside of the standard economy. And yet that is exactly what millions of re-trenched workers must do in order to survive. When there are no jobs to be had, or only temporary jobs that sap your energy and don’t provide a living wage,  you must find another way to survive.

Creating Your Own Job

Ironically, the solution to the problem has been there all along. It is literally inside of you and all around you. You’ve just forgotten who you were born to be and what you were born to do. Recovering that memory or identifying it for the first time is often the result of a Career Psychic Reading.

Recommended by Delia O' Riordan: A Message To Garcia


As a follow up to a Career Psychic Reading the books illustrated above and at left are three of my most valued Recommendations.  As a practical psychic I like to be able to give my clients something that they can use to take the results of their Career Psychic Reading to the next level: translating what they discovered about themselves into what they do for a living.

The Job Creation Experts

Martha Beck is smart, funny and a great life coach who writes the way she speaks: straight from the hip. Despite her PhD from Harvard, Beck is down to earth, doesn’t take herself too seriously and uses humour to help others find their “Right Livelihood”.

Marsha Sinetar, also a PhD and educator is a genius at combining the spiritual with the practical with a seamlessness that is nothing short of elegant. Her book “Do What You Love The Money Will Follow” put into practice the advice of Elbert Hubbard, the voice of uncommon sense, who was amazingly ahead of his time in this thinking.

To obtain any of the resources cited above, visit Delia’s “A List” Amazon Shop  HERE.


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  1. Eileen Rodden on July 24, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    This is great, Delia gives this visitor a path to follow even before a reading! I like the graphic design too it looks a bit like something my Celtic ancestors would approve of – I intend to get all the info I can from her reading.

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