Psychic Readings | Fallen Angels Oracle

Psychic Readings | Fallen Angels Oracle

Fallen Angel Oracle discussed by Delia O' RiordanAngels, Angels everywhere. That was the 80s and 90s, The Age of Angels. Somehow the winged protectors had been released from the confines of churches and temples and took to the air in their millions, touching down in libraries, shops, cinemas, restaurants, surf boards, on lapels, notebooks, record labels and, inevitably,  Tarot and Oracle Decks. Only one such deck held any appeal for me, The Angel Oracle from Ambika Wauters, largely because the images of the Angels on her cards were not “cute”. I hate “cute”. It stands for all that is contrived, Disney-fied, infantilised and, ultimately, culturally repugnant. “Real” Angels  – if one may put it that way for argument’s sake – would need to be fairly robust creatures, albeit in non-physical form. “Cute -ness”  didn’t figure in the pagan history of Angels where the forces of light and dark collided in the wars of men and we inherited them from our pagan roots.

Psychic Readings | Fallen Angels Oracle

The past two to three millennia saw the virtual hi-jacking of Angels by the monotheistic religions and especially by the Catholic Church. Sculptures, statues and paintings of Angels came to populate the churches, cathedrals and basilicas of Europe, guard the entrances to schools and cemeteries, mount the baptismal fonts of vestries, and adorn magnificent stained-glass windows.  Well, at least, the “good” Angels did so. According to the mythology, there was a war in heaven between the obedient and rebellious Angels that resulted in hordes of them being cast out into the void. Lucifer and his minions became the objects of revulsion and fear, “The Fallen Angels”. Our own very human history shows us however that wars are never so neatly packaged. There are always dissenters on both sides, the hawks and the doves. Oh, and the vultures who arm them, of course form the third leg of the triangle. But what of the dissenters, the conscientious objectors, not to mention the non-political innocent bystanders who want to see all disputes settled peacefully? Isn’t it possible that in addition to The Fallen Angels thereFallen Angel Card examples discussed by Delia O' Riordan were also a group of neutral Angels roughly equivalent to our conscientious objectors? I think one could argue that in the affirmative given that there are supposedly Angels for every blade of grass. Surely, there must a fair number of ambivalent Angels, neither all good nor all bad. After all, didn’t King Solomon capture 72 demons and Angels and force them to build his Temple? For most of us these are the un-named 72 apart from Lucifer/Satan/Beelzebub.  We may not know their names but they are recorded in enough ancient documents for us to discern their characters. These are the ones I refer to as The Dissident Angels who struggle to achieve genuine enlightenment rather like we do. Perhaps, in fact, they inhabit an intermediate space between us and the “good” Angels and are accessible to us and us to them? That is the basic premise of The Fallen Angel Oracle Cards developed by artist and writer Nigel Suckling already well known for his books on Dragons and Unicorns. I do not believe that Angels are either good or bad any more than humans are.  Nor do I believe the story that “god” insisted that the Angels kneel before “men”.  Pulllllleeeeeez! How arrogant a claim is that? Frankly, I think I’d have more respect for Dissident Angels who refuse to arbitrarily submit to “men” than for those for whom “obedience” is the highest virtue – that’s what the Nazis demanded.

Nevertheless, Nigel Suckling’s deck is called The Fallen Angel Oracle and for some time I resisted looking at it. What changed my mind was the other work that he has done and his professional and personal relationship with Brian and Wendy Froud of Realm of Faerie fame.  The Frouds have given us back the Faerie culture of our ancestors as the complex and varied realm that it is. Faeries are not all sweet or pleasant, they don’t play by human rules which is part of what makes them so fascinating. Likewise, the dissident or Fallen Angels whose characteristics reflect the realities, dreams, hopes, and disappointments of the world we are familiar with. What differentiates us is that they are aware of us whilst we largely ignore or deny their existence but, like the “good” Angels, they can only help us if we ask for their help. Recently, I decided to do that and ordered a copy of the Fallen Angel Oracle Cards. Each oracle or tarot deck that one approaches for the first time is a mystery and a journey. Today I began my journey to the realm of the Fallen Angels. I will meet them one by one, a prospect that is both exciting and a bit intimidating. Wish me luck. I’ll be posting up-dates as I travel through their domain so check back frequently.

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