Psychic Readings FAQs | Mayan Calendar

Psychic Readings FAQs | Mayan Calendar

FAQs by Psychic Delia O'RiordanIn my psychic readings history I have done a variety of types of readings on everything from missing keys to missing persons, job prospects to marriage prospects but I had never been asked to do a reading based on the end of the world. That is, not until today. As a psychic you would expect me to be pretty open-minded on most subjects and I think I am. However, as the possessor of a left-brain in reasonable working order I also employ reason, logic, analytical thought, and subject conclusions advanced by anyone to empirical criteria before accepting or rejecting them. That works for most aspects of life in a three dimensional setting and psychic sensing/intuition aids in the rest. But the end of the world? Pulllleeeeze! What prompted the request was the anxiety of a young girl who is terrified that the world is going to explode or be destroyed in some other fashion this Friday, the 21st of December! I have written in these pages before that I do not subscribe to the belief that the expiration of the current Mayan calendar means the end of life on earth. The reason should be plain to anyone with even an ounce of intelligence! All calendars expire. The Western calendar which is used in the industrialised world is only one of many. There is a Jewish calendar, a Muslim calendar, a Chinese calendar, etc. They all come to an end at some point and begin again the following day or night (depending on methods of calculation). Why would the Mayan calendar be any different?

Psychic Readings FAQs | Mayan Calendar

The Mayan people of Central America created a remarkable society. They were excellent astronomers as were most ancient peoples. They were competent architects and builders as were many before them. They had a form of mathematics and many forms of divination. But they did not predict the end of their world or of ours. When they constructed their calendar, they simply reached the outer limit of their mathematical system at which point their calendar would begin again. In fact, recent research has turned up evidence that the Mayans themselves realised that their system of mathematics needed revision and they abandoned their famous calendar. It fell out of use until some misinformed and gullible Westerners (viz. Jose Arguelles and the brothers McKenna of Timothy Leary’s lab) “re-discovered” it and jumped to entirely wrong – but highly profitable – conclusions that let them cash in on the millenium madness of the last 15 years of the 20th century and the first 12 years of the 21st. So here is my prediction: December 22 will succeed the 21st and we will still be facing the fiscal cliff and Middle East madness, Chinese attempts at thought-control and censorship, Messianic insanity on the Far Right and global warming that will give Florida a white Christmas or Lappland a green one.  In other words the 21st won’t be much different from the 20th or the 22nd.  I have no idea when the world will “end” but our sun still has about five to eight billion years of life left in it and if we don’t stupidly destroy this planet before that, we’ll long since have embarked on intra-galactic travel and maybe even inter-galactic travel and 21/12/12 will not even rate a footnote in history.

It is time to stop terrorising ourselves with Apocalyptic nonsense and let our children and grandchildren enjoy the innocent pleasure of an imaginary realm in which St. Nicholas visits their homes and leaves behind some token of his passing and elves eat the candy left on the window sill for them as they quietly climb back on the sleigh. If we are so desperate for an alternative to reality, a myth in which kindness, generosity, and gratitude reign is not a bad start.

© Delia O’ Riordan 2012


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