Psychic Readings History | Nostradamus

Psychic Readings History | Nostradamus

Nostradamus discussed by Delia O' RiordanThere is probably no one more famous in psychic readings history than Michel de Nostredame, better known to us as Nostradamus The Seer, born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence on 14 December 1503 and died 2 July 1566. Actually his exact date of birth is not known but the likely dates are either the 14th or the 21st of December. He was by training an Apothecary but he attempted to register as a student of medicine at the U of Montpelier but was almost immediately expelled when it was discovered that he was an apothecary which was considered a manual trade which disqualified him from taking a degree. Nevertheless, Nostradamus manage to live through at least three outbreaks of plague, one of which took his first wife and their children. He gained some fame during his lifetime for his Rose Pill an alleged protector against the plague but his failure to save his family from the disease greatly injured his reputation as a healer and he turned to astrology and the occult to make a living. Nostradamus traveled extensively throughout Europe, spoke and wrote at least four languages and designed various forms of code that he used to obscure the  meaning of his prophecies, the most famous of which were written in quatrains. The precise meanings of the quatrains (four lines that rhyme) have been argued and debated down to the present day.

Psychic Readings History | Nostradamus

Nostradamus lived during the period of the Inquisition which attempted to destroy heresy in any form but since Astrology was still practiced even by priests the church did not persecute him. Nevertheless, Nostradamus was concerned that his prophecies might attract the attention of the Inquisitors at some point and he composed his rhyming prophecies with care so that they would be seen mainly inNostradamus prophecies discussed by Delia O'Riordan retrospect as relating to events like the Fire of London in 1666 and various other calamities right down to the present day. His prophecies are therefore are more like clues to a puzzle that must be sorted and connected with historical events. The problem with that approach is the tendency to ‘read into’ his writings meanings that were never intended by him. It’s rather like searching the Bible for a quotation that seems to fit a current event. The Book of Revelation seems to attract precisely this sort of ‘prophecy hunter’ but the problem is the same: there have been so many periods of strife in human history that anyone can read any meaning into random passages and be convinced it fits. If Nostradamus had a gift of any kind, it seems to have lain in his ability to create tantalizing hints that offered the prospect of uncovering great secrets. Had he lived in the 20th century he might well have been Dan Brown.

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