Psychic Readings | Living Tarot

Psychic Readings | Living Tarot

This is not a book review. Well, it sort of is… but read on and you’ll see Tarot, Gileswhat I mean. I just made the rather belated acquaintance of Cynthia Giles, a woman of immense talent and a genius for landing on her feet. The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore is my introduction to this singular woman. Reading between the lines of her very brief bio she started out in the Humanities (acquiring three degrees along the way), then conquered publishing rising to Editor-In-Chief of Saybook Publishing, and finished up as a world class expert on – are you ready for this? – data mining and warehousing, corporate branding and web presence and all manner of IT communication from technical to linguistic, and it all started with having to support herself and her two sons. By doing Tarot readings.

There is something almost feline in Giles’ ability to move gracefully and swiftly from field to field tackling challenges that only an exceptionally talented and driven researcher – and lightning-fast learner – could master. But the essential metaphor for her career and her life seems to be The Tarot. Those of us who take a Jungian approach to reading the cards will recognize immediately that Giles’ life parallels the Major Arcana in ways that even Jung might find amazing. As a student of the Humanities, including psychology, art, comparative religion and history, Giles brought an unusually wide and deep fund of knowledge and interpretive skills to the process of readings. But, more importantly, she brought a point of view: “Tarot is first and foremost an imaginative system, totally apart from any tangible medium.” What Giles is saying here is that our experience of Tarot begins in the associations that the archetypal images provoke in our minds, images and associations that do not rely on the visual representations on the cards themselves. The images on the cards serve to evoke responses from deep within our unconscious minds. The image we associate with each card embody for us the qualities of the archetype, as for example The Fool: the Naif stepping out into the World blissfully unaware of danger, carrying all he owns with him as he begins a journey of discovery the ups and downs of which will depend on what meanings he attaches to his experiences and what he learns about himself and the World as he goes along. We’ve all known such Naifs; most of us were that Naif at one time, embarking on a life outside the confines of family and home and confronting challenges which would help us define our adult identities. Or not. We can see ourselves not only IN the Fool but AS the Fool in our own lives and when he shows up in a Tarot reading he can tell us something important that we need to consider, some unvoiced knowledge that has been trying to come to consciousness but that we have been resisting, denying or simply not permitting into consciousness. It is this provocative quality that the images offer us that makes Tarot so fascinating and so uncanny in its applications in our lives.

Psychic Readings | Living Tarot

A perusal of Giles’ work history and skill sets reveal glimpses of the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Chariot, etc. We might say the same about anyone but in the case of Giles, her journey through the Tarot had a larger-than-life quality that adds a dimension to her tale: she successfully straddled and eventually combined three worlds to create a unique life path and career: the academic world of research and criticism, the imaginal and esoteric world of archetypal psychology and the corporate world of commerce. I only wish I had read The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore in 1992 when I began my psychic practice. It would have made a world of difference. I may never meet Dr. Cynthia Giles but she has given me and countless others a precious gift on her personal journey through The Tarot of life.

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