Psychic Readings | Predictions

Psychic Readings | Predictions

<Psychic Tools used by Psychic Delia O'RiordanMost people who go for psychic readings are looking for predictions about their futures.  Whether their prime concern is their love life, their careers, their health, or whether their house will sell in a depressed market,  clients are driven by the need for information that they don’t have access to through the usual sources – counsellors, financial advisers, career consultants, realtors, etc. When a client comes for a psychic reading and we immediately “connect”, the psychic impressions flow smoothly into my consciousness and some of the most amazing cases in my practice have been the result of that connection. I rarely have any information beyond the first name and date of birth of my clients and often I have only a first name. So what is it that makes some readings spectacular and others just so-so?  I have given much thought to this question. Every psychic loves it when a reading turns up detailed information that can be verified over a relatively short time period. But there are also some readings that do not seem at first to be promising yet end up going incredibly well. I can think of one in particular in which the client had a friend make the appointment for him. This was a classic psychic reading in which predictions came true.

Psychic Readings | Predictions

All the information I had was the client’s first name when I met him at my front door one evening in the dead of winter. The client was obviously uncomfortable and I surmised he had never been to a psychic before and in fact probably did not “believe” in all that “stuff”.  As I looked him in the eye I asked him who “Stephen” was? That was the name I had been given for the appointment and I had no idea why I was even asking the question! I was simply following an inner prompting. The client was immediately suspicious and defensive so I reassured him that I had no personal interest in “Stephen’s identity”, it was simply something I felt I must ask. As it turned out the client’s friend had given me a false name when he made the appointment. So I next asked who “Richard” was and from the shock on his face I could see that the name I had “heard” psychically was actually his. Again, I told him I couldn’t care less what his motive was for giving a false name, I just wanted to be certain that the information I was picking up on was for him and not for the alter-ego “Stephen”!   My next impression was that both men were professionals in law enforcement and/or the military. The client again looked at me in alarm as though I had just threatened him in some way. This reading was not getting off to a happy start!  It took a few more minutes to persuade my client that I did not have the faintest idea of who he was and didn’t care! The only thing that interested me was that he get his money’s worth from the reading and that would happen only if I could relax and simply pass on to him whatever impressions came to me. After persuading him that if we took a few deep breaths together the reading would go more smoothly, I was able to close my eyes and received information unhindered by Richard’s initial discomfort and the reading proceeded to answer the questions he wanted me to concentrate on. I never saw that client again but I did hear from his friend, Stephen, a few months later who let me know – as a courtesy – that the primary issue that had prompted the reading had been resolved in my client’s favour as I had predicted it would be. The friend also wanted my continued reassurance that the contents of the reading were absolutely confidential and would remain that way.

 Total Confidentiality

The issue which had brought the client to me became a matter of public record which I would never have taken notice of if his friend hadn’t sought my agreement to keep the reading confidential. I did not read local newspapers and to this day rarely look at one so I would not have read about Richard’s case in the normal course of events.  Ironically, I only learned of his true identity because he was so worried about my keeping his confidence. Thereafter, I made a point of assuring every client that the contents of every reading are kept confidential and if it is any consolation, I forget the content of most readings by the following day. The reason seems to be that psychic functioning is mainly a right-brain activity and unless there are truly exceptional revelations in a reading the contents do not stay with me. That is how Amazing Cases come to be so amazing!

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