Psychic Readings | Tarot

Psychic Readings | Tarot

Psychic Tools used by Psychic Delia O'RiordanTarot may well be the most popular form for psychic readings around the world. Certainly if the sales of new decks are anything to go by, Tarot is in no danger losing its popularity as a psychic tool. One of the many fascinating aspects of working with Tarot decks is the enormous range of symbolic representations artists have conjured up to represent the various characters of the Major Arcana or Trumps but the archetypes of the Court or Suit are equally important. It is the King, Queen, Knight and Page or Knave of the suit cards that act as Significators in most readings. There are some traditions surrounding the choice of the significator, the card that will represent the querent (the person being read) for the purposes of the reading. Gender is obviously a consideration but so is age. For example, in a reading for a young man who is having difficulty with a career choice,  the significator might well be The Knight of Cups. Why Cups? Because the Cup is a symbol of both spirit and the quest for spiritual understanding. Why the Knight? Knights are usually seen as relatively young, potentially strong, free to move around and explore their world but motivated by a desire for significance and achievement.  The Knight, regardless of suit (Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles or their variants), is the idealised male, the Ego in a suit of armour protected yet aching for adventure and the desire to distinquish himself in some way.  But there is more to both the archetype and the suit than just the obvious associations. The Cup suggests an open, receptive state of mind, a willingness to be filled from the outside, to accept an unspecified challenge or to imbibe a brew that will dull the edges of reality whilst still appearing to open the way to great accomplishment. The Cup can represent spiritual wisdom or emptiness of purpose. That is its great advantage as a significator card: it is flexible in terms of representing the position of the querent in relation to the questions that prompted the reading.

Psychic Readings | Tarot

Beyond its utility as a significator, however. the Knight of Cups may play a role in the unfolding of theTarot Deck used by Psychic Delia O'Riordan psychic meaning of different stages of the reading depending on its position, whether it is upright or reversed, and what cards precede it and follow it. In other words, the meaning of the Knight of Cups is dependent on many factors within the context of the reading. The same is true of every card in a Tarot Deck in every reading and it is why no two readings are ever identical even when the cards selected by the querent are identical to those selected by another. It is the endless possibility of combination and  interpretation and most importantly what each card reveals about the unconscious mind of the querent that makes Tarot so valuable as a psychic tool. But the individual cards are also invaluable as catalysts for ongoing self-understanding if used in the context of therapy whether on one’s own or in tandem with a therapist who is also trained in the use of Tarot as a method of self-discovery and psychological growth. Tarot is not a superficial game; it can be a profoundly powerful and effective psychic tool in the hands of the right reader.

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