Psychic Tools | The Ocean Oracle

Psychic Tools | The Ocean Oracle

Ocean Oracle discussed by Delia O'Riordan   The Ocean Oracle  is one of my favourite Psychic Tools. And that is saying something given that there are about 2000 themed versions of Tarot and hundreds of Oracle decks and devices on the market. Many are appealing on aesthetic grounds alone and I have collected a few decks on that basis but, as a professional psychic, I am drawn to only a few decks as useful psychic tools. Amongst these few is Michelle Hanson’s beautiful, evocative and psychically stimulating Ocean Oracle.

Psychic Tools | The Ocean Oracle

Michelle’s interest in sea shells blossomed early as a result of a holiday taken with Grandparents. For Michelle, it was ‘love at first sight’. Sea shells and the mysterious creatures who made them so captured her imagination that she began at the tender age of eight a journal in which she recorded every scrap of information she could find on these marvels of design.  So absorbing was this passion that Michelle took a degree in biology and continued studying the body of scientific knowledge which made her a true expert on mollusks.  Some decades later, however, it was the mysterious bond she felt with these animals and their temporary homes that drew her to the more personal aspects of relating to her growing collection of shells. Her personal exploration of the wisdom the shells and their creators concealed eventuated in the development of The Ocean Oracle one of the most unusual and most effective psychic tools I have ever worked with.

Sea Shells and Seeing-Shells

Working with The Ocean Oracle is a bit like scrying; as a shell from my collection or a card drawn from the Oracle sits in my hand I let my mind empty and focus on the shape, colours, weight, and feel of the shell. As I stare into the shell, I enter a different state of perception – the psychic state of receptiveness to whatever the object may suggest to me. Shells speak a language that we can understand. Each mollusk group has certain common characteristics often reflected in the “common names” we give them. Thus, the shell known as the Episcopal Mitre attracted one Shelley’s first subjects, an acquaintance who encouraged her to try her first “reading”. As Shelley stared at the shell she said that it suggested that some religious question was an issue in the man’s life. His startled reaction confirmed her intuition from the shell: he had been in a seminary as young man but after an internal struggle left it for a different life. Not all shells have an architecture that connects so directly to the shell’s meaning but they all identify issues or questions of relevance to the querent. I find that the shells speak directly to our hearts and, when we listen with an open heart, they reveal priceless psychic insights into our hopes, dreams, and passions.

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© Delia O’Riordan 2014 Photo credit: The Ocean Oracle, Shelley Hanson

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2 Responses to Psychic Tools | The Ocean Oracle

  1. Michelle "Shelley" Hanson on November 16, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Hello Delia,
    Thank you very much for helping to spread awareness of the wisdom from the seashell kingdom.  I see we have much in common learning about the biology and behavior of the animals who create and inhabit these beautiful works of art. It is clear that the shells are speaking to you, and I wish you much joy and enlightenment working with your seashell partners :-)
    Many Seashell Blessings to you!
    Michelle “Shelley” Hanson, Creator of The Ocean Oracle

  2. Michelle "Shelley" Hanson on November 16, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Hello, Shelley!

    Thank you for your kind comment. I love working with The Ocean Oracle. I’m very glad you created it and shared your amazing gift and your collection of these precious shells with the world. I find myself drawn to The Ocean Oracle again and again in my work and it always shows me new ways to appreciate the inexhaustible layers of wisdom inherent in these jewels of the sea.

    Kind regards,

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