Psychic Readings | A Message From Merlin

Psychic Readings |A Message From Merlin

Before I started to do Psychic Readings professionally I had an experience that convinced me more than any other that my sense was real. I had to be convinced and I’m not surprised that many people even today need proof of the reality of psychic ability.

Merlin as Druid Dore - Unknown ArtistIn 1989, I decided to take the advice of the only professional psychic I knew who had encouraged me to train my psychic sense. I had no idea one could do that but it turned out to be true. I signed up for a well-known course in how to use consciousness more effectively. Part of the course was devoted to training the psychic sense to do remote viewing. I had never before attempted to direct my psychic faculties at a particular “target”. My psychic experiences up to that point had been spontaneous instances of clairsentience, that conviction of just “knowing” that a sudden realisation was true and accurate. I had no idea of how to control or direct this ability and the course was designed to extend my experience with various forms of meditation adding remote viewing and telepathic communication to the process.

Psychic Readings | A Message From Merlin

As part of the practical application of the principles the participants in the course were asked to set up a long-distance experiment. We were to request someone who lived at least 500 miles away to sit quietly for 15 minutes in a receptive state of mind to see if they picked up any thoughts coming from the ‘sender’. The ‘sender’ was to have a list of items (no more than three) to concentrate on with the intention of ‘sending’ these thoughts or images to the receiver. At the end of the first session, both participants were to take a five-minute break to write down the contents of what was sent and what was received. For the next 15 minutes the roles of sender and receiver were reversed and the same de-briefing process was to be used to record the results.

Psychic Readings | A Message From Merlin

I decided to ask my sister, Brighid, who lived about 1200 miles away, to participate in the experiment with me. She readily agreed and we set a day and time to carry out the experiment. She had a baby who was only a few months old at the time so we scheduled the experiment for the baby’s nap time.

The night before the experiment I meditated and then started to ruminate on what thoughts or images I might send to Brighid. Before I could even think of one, I got a firm prompting to send “King Arthur”! Hmmm. I liked that. It was a familiar yet not personal symbol. Ok. But then, the prompt changed. “No, not Arthur. Send Merlin”. Oh, yes! I loved the Merlin archetype and he seemed most appropriate for a psychic experiment do I settled on Merlin and put the experiment out of my mind for the rest of the evening.  The next day at the appointed time I sat down to meditate and then began sending the name “Merlin” to Brighid. (I threw in Viviane and Morgan le Fay for good measure but most of my concentration was on Merlin). My idea of Merlin had always been of the Magus who when he ‘died’ was transformed into a tree so I was not prepared for the image that popped into my head as I began ‘sending’. This Merlin was more like a Hollywood version complete with pointed Magus cap, a wand and a long silver robe! Definitely NOT my idea of Merlin! They didn’t have that stuff in the Dark Ages when Merlin was supposed to have lived!  The Merlin I loved would dress in old robes of rough wool, his hair would be dishevelled and his beard knotted. He’d be a bit cantankerous, eminently practical, and sensible yet mystical at the same time. And he most certainly wouldn’t wear silver robes! Despite my mental protests, however, the silver-clad Merlin image would not budge.

After 15 minutes I wrote down what I had sent and I prepared to receive impressions from my sister. What I got was an image of the baby covered in red spots! I saw Brighid in the baby’s room spreading calomine lotion all over the baby’s skin and trying to soothe the baby’s crying. Oh, dear. This did not look good. After 15 minutes I grabbed the phone to call my sister. She was already on the line although neither her phone nor mine had rung! This was getting decidedly spooky…

Before I told her what I had sent, I asked if the baby was ok. Brigid said the baby was fine. Why was I asking? So I told her what I had ‘seen’. None of it seemed to be true so we wrote that off as a psychic failure. Moreover, Brigid had actually forgotten to ‘send’ anything and was calling to apologise!  Then she asked me what I had ‘sent’. I told her I sent Merlin but when I tried to visualise him a ridiculousHollywood image of Merlin intruded on my vision and would not go away. I decribed this “Hollywood Merlin” in his silver robes and Brighid started to laugh. Yeah, I knew it was absurd. But Brigid said “No, no, you’re right. You’ve just described the front page of my newspaper!”

Psychic Visions

What? How was that possible?! It turned out the Ice Capades were in her town and the day before we did the experiment, part of the cast had gone to local schools—in costume! It was obviously a publicity stunt to attract people to the show and the press had covered the school visits. The picture on Brighid’s front page showed Merlin in a long silver gown with high, pointed Magus hat and a wand that sprinkled ‘fairy dust’ when he waved it. Two other cast members accompanied Merlin: Viviane and Morgan Le Fay. Bingo. All three! Brigid and I were both speechless. This was way beyond weird. Everything that I had wanted to “send” was already there on the front of page of a newspaper 1200 miles away from where I was! How was that possible?

Psychic Ability is Real

What puzzled me was how in the world I had received the prompt the NIGHT BEFORE to send ‘Merlin’–of all things–when the newspaper hadn’t even been published yet???? Where did that come from? And why? Was there some ‘third’ consciousness at work here? I had a lot to learn about how the psychic sense worked. But the fact was that it DID work. We recorded that part of the experiment as a direct hit. However, there is a sequel to this event. Two days after our phone conversation my sister called me again. She had just returned from the pediatrician. Brighid had been awakened early that morning by the baby’s frantic crying. When she went to see what was wrong, the baby was covered in red spots! Some mosquitoes had got into the nursery and the poor baby had been repeatedly bitten! When she saw the baby, Brighid remembered the images I had picked up two days before. The information was correct. It just arrived two days before the event!

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Art credit:  Engraving of Merlin and Vivienne, Gustav Doré, Wikimedia Commons.

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