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Channeling: The Blarney Test

Psychic Readings Online by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Channeling: The Blarney Test Most people in the English-speaking world are familiar with the term “Blarney”. It is the name of a castle in Ireland and also of The Blarney Stone. When someone spins a wild tale to entertain his fellows – usually in a Pub –  his listeners are likely to say that...
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Do you channel Ascended Masters?

FAQs by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Do you channel Ascended Masters? I’m never sure how to answer this question. When I begin a Psychic Reading for a client I usually get the names of people around the client who – for whatever reason – are in the client’s “orbit”, the client’s spiritual vicinity as it were.  I almost always get...
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