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Psychic History: Easter

FAQs answered by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Psychic History | Easter Psychic History | Easter The psychic history of Easter records some instances of a rather strange phenomenon known as the Stigmata. The final week of Lent is known to Catholics as “Holy Week”, the culmination of the myth of “Christ”. Easter is, of course, much older that Christianity or any...
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Psychic Awakening And Re-birth

Paranormal Phenomena by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Psychic Awakening And Re-birth Billions of people are welcoming Spring and delighting in the re-birth of the plant life, and celebrating the joys of Spring so memorably captured by Sandor Botticelli in this painting, La Primavera – The Birth of Spring. Lambing and calving will be going on in farmyards around the world and...
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