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Psychic Readings Soul Mates

Paranormal Phenomena by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

Psychic Readings Soul Mates   Can Psychic Readings lead you to your Soulmate? Yes! Does Synchronicity play any part in bringing Soul Mates together? Oh, yes! Synchronicity may seem at first glance not to be directly related to the desire to find one’s Soul Mate but current research demonstrates that human intention and attention...
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Soulmate Encounter

Amazing Cases by Psychic Delia O'Riordan

  Soulmate Encounter Something very strange happened to me on the morning of 11 January 2012 that I cannot account for. I was reading Journey of Souls online (Amazon Cloud) when suddenly I felt some sort of energy pushing outward from my computer screen toward my heart chakra. It was an almost overwhelming sensation...
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What’s In A Name? Destiny

Synchronicity discussed by Delia O' Riordan

What’s In A Name? Destiny Once upon a time…Isn’t that how all good stories start? Right. So, once upon a time an adventurous young woman decided to move another country and experience what life was like in a different culture. The desire to do this had been with her for a long time. Not...
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